Sunday, November 8, 2009

Sunday Evening

I've been working on My Christmas Cards this weekend and only have 4 completed. I didn't think they would take that long as they didn't seem to be that difficult when I looked at them in the beginning. So I quit working on them and have been reading email and looking for a dining room table and chairs on line. Looked for one in the stores this weekend but I don't want a pub style table and chairs. I'm only 5' tall so those chairs are a little high for me. I found a few on line so now I'm feeling better about the whole table shopping deal. Leave it to me to sell my dining room set before I found a new one. Now with the Holidays coming I need somewhere for people to sit. :0) Oh well, I wanted to post a picture of Brady in his new car! Remember he is a year old now. He needs his own wheels! This little car is like a big slipper. He sits down in it and he doesn't go anywhere but it honks and sounds like a real engine from the steering wheel. It has a side mirror that he likes to chew on and a key that fits in the ignition. We had so much fun with him when he was here this last time and he's such a little ham. He can be crying one minute and you bring the camera out and he's all smiles. Have a good week, I have to finish my Christmas Cards and get ready for my Christmas Card classes.
Happy Stamping!


  1. Cute! I will have to send you the pictures I took of Brady in the car. They are pretty funny. Have a good week and good luck table shopping :)

  2. Cute picture of Brady! He's so happy!